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First Step Internet's Postini Junk / Spam / Virus Email Filter Services

First Step internet is excited to offer a very powerful, configurable, and affordable email filter service hosted by Postini, a recognized leader in email filtering technology. Virus protection filtering is powered by McAfee Antivirus, an industry recognized leader in anti-virus protection technology.

Subscription to the service is fast, easy, and costs only $1.50 per month, or 18.00 per year!

In order to log into Postini successfully, we have set up a new "global" domain for our users, What this means is that when you send and recieve mail, you still use - however, when you log into the Postini Filtering Service, you must log in using [username] - and your normal password.

All filter settings are completely customizable, with an easy to use and intuitive web-based interface. If you're fed up with spam, unwanted junk, and the threat of dangerous viruses - sign up today!

More information regarding the functionality of this service is available by clicking on the help button.

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