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How do I log into my Webspace?

You have 10 Megs of webspace available for free with your account.  When you have a completed html file ready (either by using a guide to html or an editor such as Netscape's Composer or Microsoft's Front Page - the extensions for which are available upon request) you need only upload it using either an editor's "Publish" feature or an ftp program like WT_FTP.
The location of your webpage will be:
Different ftp programs can require different syntax (and can be fussy).  

WS_FTP requires only:  users.(your-domain).com  along with the username and password

(and dumps you automatically into your personal folder). 

Netscape requires it to be entered as: ftp://users.(your-domain).com/(username

And Front Page requires: http://users.(your-domain).com/(username)

You can obtain a copy of a free, easy-to-use FTP program from:

01. Scroll down the page and click the download link to the right of FileZilla.
02. Click the FileZilla_2_2_5a_setup.exe link
03. Select a download site and click the little file icon on the right under the Download column.
04. A window will pop up asking you to Open or Save the file. Choose to Save the file and pick your Desktop as the location to save to. Click the Save button to save the file here.

05. Double-click the FileZilla_2_2_5a_setup.exe file to install FileZilla.
06. Follow the directions to install FileZilla. The default options are probably correct for your system.
07. After you have finished installing FileZilla, click on the desktop icon to open the program.
08. Click on File --> Site Manager
09. Click the New Site button
10. Set the following options:
10a. - Host:  users.(your-domain).com
10b. - Logontype:  Normal
10c. - User: (username)
10d. - Password: (password)
11. Click the Save and Exit command so that your changes are saved.
12. Re-open the Site Manager and click the Connect button.

You should now be logged into your First Step Internet webspace. You may navigate to your web files using the Local Site navigation panel. You can drag and drop your files over to the remote site to transfer them to our servers.

Once you are finished transferring your files, please disconnect by clicking on File and Disconnect.

Further assistance with this program can be obtained by clicking on Help --> Contents...

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