Can I have more than one email address?
You have up to 5 additional email accounts you can add to your primary account. To set up a secondary email account, just go to our account management page. This page allows you to check your billing status, pay by credit card, change your account password, add or delete secondary email accounts and more. The URL for this page is: http://www.fsr.com/account-management/

Click the "Login to Account Management" button on that page. Enter your First Step username and password then click the "Login" button. 

Once you access your account click the "E-mail Maintenance" link on the left. Click the "Add New Address or Forward" link at the top of the page to create a new account.
The page will ask for the new email, just put in the user name (The @domain.com will be automatically added). Next type in a password for the new email account then click "Create Address". The password must be between 6 and 8 characters and should be a mix of letters and numbers. Avoid dictionary words. If it rejects the email try a variation on the username (for example: there may already be a johnsmith in our system so you may have to try jsmith or johns). Your new email account will be created and will be ready after the system synchronizes itself. This happens every twenty minutes so if you create the new address at 4:28 PM then it will be available after 4:40 PM.

From there all you have to do is to configure your email program to use your additional email account.