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Setting up with CenturyLink DSL

Setting up with Install Buddy


The install buddy is the program that auto runs from the CD included with the DSL modem.  The Installation buddy begins with ensuring you have correctly connected the appropriate cables.  This walkthrough begins at the step where ISP information is entered.  


Select “Other ISP” and click next.


Select “RFC 1483” and click next.


Check “Static IP” and click next.


Enter the your IP address information into the fields provided and click next.  If you have not yet recieved this information please contact technical support for assistance. 


When this screen comes up you should have internet access through your DSL connection.  Please click the cancel button to close the installation buddy.  Please open your web browser and test (ie Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator).  If the installation buddy fails with any error message or you do not have internet access please contact technical support for setup assistance. 


First Step technical support can be contact via telephone, email or our live chat room. 


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